Courses for children, parents, teachers and caregivers on prevention and intervention of Child Sexual Abuse

We know that it is incredibly hard to talk about keeping children safe from Child Sexual Abuse.

We know this because we have experienced this challenge as we worked with over 2.9 Million children and adults pan India.

The Personal Safety Education (PSE) Programme is a comprehensive model to empower children to prevent the risk of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and seek support in case of violation.

This free, online platform provides resources and helps parents, teachers and adults to initiate conversations around Personal Safety and Private Parts and handle disclosures.

Through the courses on this platform, children will learn how to identify safe and unsafe situations, online and offline; say ‘No’ and get away, and how to seek help from a helpful adult in unsafe situation.


You are doing a brilliant job in teaching children personal safety. Arpan has helped me develop a trust in its Personal Safety Education Programme.

A 13 year old student

Your programme was really good and inspiring. I am really impressed by your approach towards the issue. We are really grateful to be a part of this programme.

Parent of a 7 year old

We are about 1,800 pre-schools pan India which is over a lakh pre-schoolers. Thanks to Arpan for the training we got from them and the resources they shared with us. We were able to deliver the messages very easily. And now PSE is part of my regular curriculum!

Amita Vyas, Zee Learn Ltd, Partner

We have been extremely impressed by Arpan’s holistic approach. Arpan’s passion, commitment and achievements to date have persuaded us to continue to support their work beyond our normal funding period. Keep up the great work.

Director, Marshall Foundation

I feel Arpan has given me a lot to learn from their purpose, diligence, courage and, most importantly, passion.

Manisha Arondekar, Principal of a partner school

Before Arpan conducted the awareness session with us, we didn’t know how to teach children about CSA. But Arpan’s trainers beautifully explained how to teach children and handle their responses. That’s how we understood how to bring this issue in front of children.

Principal of a partner school

The issues that Arpan is tackling are unfortunately universal. Arpan has had the courage to address them and relentlessly fight to end children’s abuse and violence. I am very proud to be associated with Arpan as well as with Pooja Taparia and her colleagues.


It has been an honour to be able to support Arpan to prevent the issue of Child Sexual Abuse. We are truly blessed to be associated with Pooja and her generous, compassionate and hardworking team at Arpan. The fact that 82% of adolescents experience some form of child abuse is staggering and heartbreaking.

CEO, Eros International

Arpan’s reach has grown immensely, and they have implemented numerous training programmes successfully to empower children, teachers and parents to seek the correct help and guidance. We hope to always be a part of the Arpan family throughout the future by supporting them to grow and continuously raise awareness of this significant cause.

Eros International

Our Supporters

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