Parents, teachers and caregivers are the best people to teach children about Personal Safety. This free online course is for you if you are a parent, a teacher or an adult who is interested in keeping children safe from unsafe touches.

After completing this short 5-minute course, you will be ready to sit with your child and guide them through a 40-minute online course; in this course we we will share 3 simple rules your child can follow to stay safe.

Please note that in this short 5-minute course, and the longer 40-minute course that follows, we will introduce the term Private Body Parts. We will explain this term as the parts of our body that are covered with a swimming suit or undergarments. We will not teach the names of Private Body Parts in these courses.

At the end of this course we will share how you can reach out to us over chat, email and phone in case you or your children need any help.