Dear Parents and Teachers,

We know that you are concerned about your child’s safety. And we also know that it is incredibly hard, specially in our Indian context, to talk to children about personal safety and private body parts.

We know this because for the past 10+ years we have experienced this challenge ourselves as we worked with over 1 Million children from around the country.

Thus, we have released this picture and story book that you can read with your 4-7 year old to initiate a conversation about personal safety. Through this story, your child will learn how to identify safe and unsafe situations; and how to seek help from a trusted adult when faced with an unsafe situation.

Please note that we do not teach names of private body parts in this story book. We refer to private body parts as those parts of our body that are covered with undergarments.

We invite you to read this book with your child. And if at any time you feel you need help from us at Arpan, you can always reach out to us.

Thank you,
Team Arpan